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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 14:35

Meet-Me conference with announcement



Meet-Me conference with announcement. 1

Short explanation. 2

Short meet-me handling. 3

Unity Connection settings. 4

Callmanager Settings. 10



Short explanation


When dialing into the meet-me you will be asked to record your name.
(Who may I say is calling)
Your recorded name will be presented to the current conference users.

The conference users will have to approve the entrance to the conference room of the new user with 1.
To decline the new user users will have to press 2.

All users are able to do this.

If a user will be declined the user will hear : Sorry Conference Room X is not available.
The line will then be disconnected.

This will also happen if the conference is not opened !!!


The first prompts need to be changed if you don’t disable it.


Short meet-me handling


Conference call setup:

1) Make reservation for a conference number via Lotus Notes.
(there are 5 numbers available; 3895 .. 3899)

2) Press the Phone button.


3) Press the Menu button.


4) Select Call Functions and then select Meet-me.


5) Dial * and the Meet-me conference number according to your reservation.

6) To end the call, just press the Phone button. (If the last person ends his call, the conference is closed.)


Join a conference call:

1) Press the Phone button.


2) Dial the Meet-me conference number.

3) To end the call, just press the Phone button. (If the last person ends his call, the conference is closed.)




Unity Connection settings


Via System Call Handlers create the numbers.

Conference Room 1 and Conference Room 1IN are created to provide the functionality.
Conference Room 1IN has the number and through Greetings the person will be rerouted to Conference Room 1

The Conference Room 1 will transfer the call to the Meet-Me number, in this case *389X

Go to the following :






Or to remove the message prompt : Sorry Conference Room 1IN is not available

Customer has this setting in current configuration !!!




Change the second handling Conference Room X



Callmanager Settings


In callmanager define the following :



Create the number and point it to the voicemail !!!

The voicemail profile needs to be selected and the correct CSS (Calling search space) to reach the voicemail numbers.